Life Skills Proficiency Index (LSPI)

What is Life Skills Proficiency Index?

Life Skills Proficiency Index provides the mean and highest scores of each life skills and life outcomes. A candidate who takes the life skills test can compare his scores with class wide, State-wide and Nationwide mean and highest scores.

How does LSPI help?

Comparative Data

LSPI is an indicator for an individual to compare his/her life skills proficiency with his/her contemporaries in schools, State and the Nation.

Understand the Gap

The comparison would help the candidate to understand the gaps in his/her proficiency and set goals accordingly

Comparing Life Outcomes

The test taker will be able to compare his Employability, Lifelong learning, Personal Empowerment and Active Citizenship life outcomes.

Insight into Life Skills Proficiency

Helps Educational Institutions to get timely and actionable insights into the life skills proficiency and Students Life Satisfaction. The LSP Index help educational institutions to understand if their actions are meeting objectives.

Life Skills Proficiency Indexing and Reports

1. Candidates' Basic/Advance Report and Indexing
2. Candidates' Transcript/ Certificate and Personalised Feedback
3. School Report- Class wise Basic Report
4. School Report- Classwise Advance Report