Negotiation Skills

Skilled negotiation is demonstrated in how one structures the problem, processes the information, frames the situation, and evaluates alternatives

What is Negotiation Skill?

Negotiation has been defined as “a process through which two or more parties be they individuals, groups, or larger social units – interact in developing potential agreements to provide guidance and regulation to their future behaviour”

How does Negotiation Skills help?

Being able to negotiate effectively has many long-term benefits to individuals such as being able to obtain resources, career success, and power over decisions that affect their lives (Greene and Burleson 2003).

Positive Social and Economic Outcomes

Studies on children also confirmed the link between negotiation skills and positive social and economic outcomes.

Better Educational Outcomes

Research in Zambia showed that young girls with developed negotiation skills had better educational outcomes and a higher probability of being enrolled in secondary school (Bau and Low, 2017).

Lack of Negotiation Skills

Showed that children who lack negotiation skills are at risk of maladjustment and social rejection (Newcomb and others, 1993)

Capacity to handle disagreement

The conflict management literature also provides evidence of a positive correlation between capacity to handle disagreement and positive individual and interpersonal outcomes (Broadbear and others, 2000).

Am I proficient in Negotiation Skill?

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What does the Negotiation Skills Test Assess?

Negotiation Skills Scale assesses specifically the effective understanding of the problem, planning and the process adapted before and during the negation.

Scale measures seven features, which primarily focuses on planning, preparedness, and process involved in negotiation i.e., Goals, Deal, Alternatives, Relational Negotiation, Expected Outcomes, Consequences and Power. These seven features are essential to find a suitable negotiation platform and also to achieve the expected outcome

Is it possible to learn Negotiation Skills?

YES, studies by Domitrovich and others 2007, Shure2001, provide plausible evidence that negotiation skills are teachable across a child’s life cycle. Significant differences have been found between trained and untrained children in their knowledge and strategies for resolving conflicts in real life.